The Lancster Wedding DJ

Music Planning
Music List & Payments


This Music List is just a small sample of the massive music library of music I will have at your reception. This list is just provided as a means for you to pull some ideas from.

Your dance playlist and any other playlists should be submitted to me by entering (or pasting) the playlist into the designated field on the provided Reception Planner. Please don't email a playlist in document form (excel/word), because it could get lost. Any songs you input into your playlist that I do not already have, I will get for you.
This form is for planning and submitting all your music, such as your dance-song playlist, special songs, dining music, cocktail hour music, and other songs for the events of your reception. It is also where you plan your reception sequence, timing, where you enter the names of those a your grand entrance, special instructions, and much more. Please contact me at any time with any questions.
To Pay Retainer: Venmo VISA MC AMEX PayPal: You can pay your $200 retainer here to hold your date, preferably with Venmo, but if that's an inconvenience please feel free to use the other options.

To Pay Balance:
Cash or check is preferred for the balance, and can be paid at the end of your reception or before if you prefer. However, if that's too inconvenient, PayPal, or VISA, MC or AMEX is available.